This entry is from another diary - posting here out of sequence :(

I went to the movies with DS the other night. I have such a crush on him but I don't think he's interested in me that way. So sitting next to him in the movies was nice. Our shoulders and arms touch the entire time. I wanted to really touch him (with my hands) but didn't want to scare him. At least he let our shoulders/arms touch cuz he could've leaned the other direction but he didn't - yay. Afterwards we just hung out at my place until he had to go to work at midnight. He gave me a big hug and said he had fun. But who knows if we'll ever get to do that again. Jonathan gets back tomorrow and then they have a bachelor party next weekend. Well at least I'll get to see him when he comes over to hang with Johnathan.

I've been talking to SS again but he'll probably fade out like he usually does. He is a complicated man.

I haven't talked to Reggie this week. He called last weekend but I haven't called back yet. I'm still confused about him as well. Maybe I'll see what he's doing this weekend.

My friend from Ohio - introduced me to this one guy who is stationed in California. So we've been e-mailing each other. He seems really nice but of course I'm taking it slow. He lives like 8 hours away or something like that.

I have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow. Hopefully I don't look like a dork. I'm going to be sexy Snow White but I look a little chunky in the costume. Oh well.

Talk to you later. Wish me luck with DS

2003-10-24 || 11:13 a.m.


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