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Well DS got out of jail on Thursday. He was just going to call his parents to pick him up cuz he felt bad asking us so he just called to say hi. But John says to him "Too bad you don't have some clothes - you could just come here and stay the night" DS says to him "Well I'm wearing clothes". So John sent me to pick him up (Yay). I pick him up and he's in a really good mood. Really talkative with me.

The whole night he's really cool towards me. We play Texas 2 card and he keeps making drinks for himself and a shot for me. John asks him if he's trying to get me drunk. So it ends up just being John and I (as always)and I end up winning. He was not thrilled with that. But throughout the night if I'd go out for a cig. DS would come and sit right next to me. He even suggested I sit down next to him at one time, that was a first. So John and Heather go to bed and DS wants to take a shower. It's 2am. So he uses my shower and when he's done he crawls into bed with me and just starts snuggling. He hugged me so hard - it felt very good. So he's all hugging on me and caressing my skin and I'm hugging and caressing him and one thing leads to another and he gets on top of me and takes charge. It was awesome. Then when I was going down on him he says to me "You really know how to suck a dick" I just laughed. That is a huge compliment from him especially since he never hands out compliments to anyone. So we finish about 1 1/2 hours later. He says to me that was the best time he has had in about a year. Another YAY. We go out and have a smoke and I ask him if I have any positive traits because he only brings up what he doesn't like about me and he says it's not what he doesn't like about me but the situation. Went to sleep around 4am and had to get up 2 hours later.

So he was there yesterday too. I thought he might be gone by the time I got off work. Shane and Daniel came over too so we played Texas 2 card and DS was the first out. I was winning half way through the game and Shane and Daniel were giving me a hard time. Shane kept saying how I'm a good poker player and John is trying to give them advice because he can read me. Poor DS wanted to play and kept jokingly bitching about being out. In the end it was John and me. Shane wanted me to win. In the end I did win.

When I'd go out for a cig. DS would sit next to me but inside he wouldn't. He was more distant and weird. He went to bed but then came back out to sleep on the couch because the bed was too uncomfortable. I offered my bed but he said no (of course). So he slept on the couch and I went to bed. When I said goodnight he kind of almost sadly said goodnight. When I woke up this morning or I should say at 1pm he was already gone :( I probably won't see him for another week and then he'll be gone!

But I don't want to think about that right now. At least I got to have serious yummy sex with him before he left. Maybe that was his gift to me. But I think he pretty much hates me or I think I annoy the fuck out of him.

Well I'm off of here for now.

2004-01-31 || 2:42 p.m.


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