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Damn - I think I'm getting sick. My chest is getting raw and my head hurts. I was hoping to get through the season without getting it.

Went to see my friend Shelli last night. She had some distrubing news that really pissed me off. Not at her but at some people that jumped her but I guess it's being taken care of so there will probably be a few dead people in the future. We are thinking of going to Mardi Gras in Feb. if we can get some money together. She also hangs out with this band and they are looking for a female lead singer so she wants to introduce me to them.

When I got home DS and Daniel were there. So we played some poker and I won. J finally complimented me - he said I'm a really smart poker player cuz at first when I was winning he said he pretty much let me win and that I'm easy to read. Not anymore! DS was cool with me Yay. I think I'm just going to stay home since I'm sick. ME is going to be mad.

I just went to buy a pack of cigs and this guy jumps out of his friend's truck with a video camera and starts following me with it. All these people are staring at me so I turn around and there he is. I asked him why he's taping and he said it's for the internet. So he follows me into the store and when I went back to work he stopped. How funny. So my ass is on the internet somewhere. I should have asked for the address. Oh well.

Well I better get back to work :(

2004-01-16 || 1:54 p.m.


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