I have some catching up to do...

Last Friday - I get home and DS is there and another guy Shane is on his way over. So we all play poker and drink. Everyone but DS and I are out of the game so it's down to us. But I won on a technicality. So J gets kind of grumpy so DS and Shane leave. I go to my room and start writing my birthday letter to DS. It's about 2:30am and I get this text message from DS asking if I'm awake, etc. He says he's at some guy's house and doesn't want to be there anymore. So I ask him if he wants me to come get him and of course he does. So I find him and pick him up. He's drunk but doesn't seem too bad. So he slept with me in my bed but nothing happened :( We got up the next day and I took him home. I was happy that he called me to come get him.

Saturday he was supposed to come over but J was too tired and grumpy again. But Sunday we celebrated DS's birthday. We had bbq tri-tip and the works. We played Cranium and Heather and I won and J got really mad. What a sore loser. So we played poker and I was winning but started feeling sick (mixed alcohol and weed) so went to lie down. I gave DS my chips but they stopped playing after I went to bed. I got up around 2am and gave DS his presents. He said he really liked them. We spent Monday watching movies and recuperating.

So ME had texted me and wanted me to come over but I wasn't into that. So then he wanted me to come over Wed. but I went out with the girls drinking. So now he wants to see me Friday but if DS is hanging out at the house then I want to be there. How pitiful I am.

J, H and I played poker last night and I won. But J didn't get as pissed off this time thank god.

And I heard from OR from NS finally. He's ok. He has a girlfriend now. I'm glad he's happy and I hope that we can always remain friends but that's up to him. So I wrote him back and hopefully I'll hear back from him.

I heard from JG too. I love him. He's not having a very good time right now. So hopefully my emails will cheer him up.

Going to my friend Shelli's house tonight. I haven't seen her for a few months. She says she has been thinking about me every single day and that she has a bunch of stuff to tell me.

Well I think I will go on a cig break now and daydream about DS and how fucked up my love life is or my lack of love life...

2004-01-15 || 3:26 p.m.


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