buzzing at work
Let's see - what to write today.

DS and I have not mentioned New Year's. We still talk and hang out but I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable so I just pretend it didn't happen. But I plan on writing him a farewell letter so I'll touch on the subject then. JB (wow I just realized John has the same initials as my ex) DS and I played Texas Hold Em last night. Again I lost. It looked like DS was going to win but J came out of nowhere and won.

So Fox has been calling me. The other day this lady called from there and she said the producer was telling her about me and she went to look for my paperwork but it wasn't there. I told her because I haven't sent it back yet. So she talked me into filling it out so I did and faxed it. Then the producer called me last night with some legal questions. So I don't know what happens next. I'll just wait and see.

I got a littled buzzed at lunch today. We went out for a birthday so I had this green apple tea. I feel better now but earlier I was pretty buzzed. I sure didn't feel like working but had to.

We're going to Happy Hour next Wednesday and on the 23 we're supposed to have game night at my place. I'll make dinner if I have time otherwise we're ordering pizza or something. Then we're drinking and playing board games all night.

Well I better get back to work :(

2004-01-07 || 4:25 p.m.


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