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Yuck - it's Monday and I hate Mondays!

Didn't do much this weekend. Hung out with J and DS Friday night. Had breakfast with Ethan on Saturday. Then just hung out with J. DS and DM. We played Clue and they drank. J made fajitas, it was really good. I had fun that night.

Went to breakfast with my Uncle, Aunt and 2 cousins on Sunday. That was really fun. Had this really hot guy looking at me the whole time and smiling. I should have gotten his number. Oh well no big thing.

Sunday night I went out with ME. Now he has potential. He owns/designs Punk Star clothing. He's really down to earth, good looking, sweet, attentive and a great smile. And he likes me! He wanted to know what I was doing tonight and I thought I was going to be hanging with my Uncle but they ended up going to Disneyland so now I can hang out with ME. He told me that he wants to spend a lot of time with me. So we'll see how it goes. Of course my heart is still with DS right now but since he's not interested I might as well. He looks good in glasses too. Yay! Oh and he smokes cigs/weed too. Not a partier. He's going to school and working full time as well as his clothing thing.

I met this one guy that is a composer for films and he is really really cool. So I'll probably hang out with him too but he lives in LA. He plays any instrument and is very intelligent. It's fun talking to him.

Well not much more to tell right now.

2003-12-08 || 3:10 p.m.


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