mutual heartbreak
Poor Johnathan - his girlfriend broke up with him yesterday. When I got home they were fighting and next thing I know she's gone. Johnathan was upset so I asked him if he wants to be alone and he said he didn't care but it seemed like he needed a shoulder to cry on. So he told me a lot of stuff - things he's never told anyone before. And I then told him some things. I finally told him about my crush on DS and how he's not interested. J gave me some insight into DS not that it will help me. He also said that I am such a cool, cool, cool girl that even though we could have had sex he wouldn't because he likes me so much he doesn't want to mess it up. He said that I'm the female version of him because we are SOOOO MUCH alike. It's creepy. He said that DS too feels the same and may not want to screw up what we have. After I told him about DS and we were done talking he says "let's call him and see what he's doing". So he told him what happend and I heard him say that he was not doing well at first but then he talked to me and felt a lot better. Yay! So DS came over and we kept J company but I finally had to go to bed at 2am. I'm so tired right now. I almost didn't come in to work but I have to. J and I are supposed to get drunk tonight to drown our sorrows. I'm gonna drink sake since that's the only alcohol my body can tolerate. But who knows he and DS may start early and end up at the bar and I won't see either of them tonight :( I'll have to drink alone - how sad!!!

Ha I gave my letter/short story to DS last night. It was rather comical because I gave him the "draft" first and had to get it back and give him the correct one. I was laughing so hard. I'm sure he'll be all freaked out and uncomfortable around me now but oh well - I feel much better. Like I let it go. My friend Rose read it and she says to me "Damn girl - now I want to date you - shoot I'm all in love with you now..." I was laughing so hard.

I can't wait until this day at work is over. I'm so tired.

2003-11-26 || 10:30 a.m.


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