perpetual heartbreak
Had a great time this weekend. It was my roommate's girlfriend's birthday on Friday but we partied all weekend. And the best part is I got to spend time with DS. Not that he gives a shit about spending time with me but he was much more attentive than usual. He had a headache on Saturday all day so that night I rubbed his head and back for him and it did get rid of his headache. When I was done I kissed him goodnight and went to bed. It sucks that he's moving but that's my usual luck. I really feel like I'm destined to never find love. I'm already all heart sick when I think of him moving. I'm so used to hanging out with him - he makes me laugh so much and is really laid back like me - I'm really going to miss him.

Heather and I played video games all weekend as well. I think Johnathan was feeling neglected. He wouldn't even let us play last night. Maybe tonight...I'm not sure how comfortable J is with Heather and I being friends. When J is out of town she comes over and we hang out. She is so funny she said that if she were a guy that I'm so cool and gorgeous that she'd date me like that.

Well I'm off to go lick my wounds.

2003-11-25 || 2:22 p.m.


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