I don't really write here too much because 1) I have a laptop but don't want to use it because I've been spoiled with my parents cable modem and now I hate dial-up. I'm using the computer at work right now but I'm not supposed to use it for anything other than work but hey I've been really good about it lately. 2) Since my man doesn't have access to a computer anymore we decided to write journals to eachother instead. Plus we have our letter/book thing and then our traditional letters.

Things are going well at the house. Johnathan is fun/funny and I enjoy spending time with him. Of course he's playing with fire. He has a girlfriend (off and on for over a year)but he's been flirting/kissing this other girl. He doesn't really know what he wants but he better figure it out before things get too far gone. I just sit back and watch/listen. I don't want to give out any advice because if things go wrong then he might blame me.

Randy is still calling/e-mailing me. I don't know why he wants to hook up so bad there are other women out there. Gary still writes here and there but I think he has given up which is a good thing. SAM finally moved (or at least I think he did) I'm not sure when though. I talked to him over a month ago and he was planning on moving pretty quick. I'm glad I don't have to put up with his bullshit anymore.

My brother is doing fine so far. I pray that he can stay clean. I can't bear for anything to happen to him. A lot of the guys he was with in the program have already gone back which makes me so sad because I really liked them and they are good guys. Why???

Well I better get going before someone notices that I'm not working!!!

2003-08-14 || 10:40 a.m.


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