moving out
I got the place - yay! I'm going to start moving my stuff on Monday. I just hope the bed is there. She is putting a bed in my room but the mattresses are at Derick's and need to be picked up. She said she'd have it done but I don't know since I think she went to her other place last night and won't be back in town until Wednesday. If not I'll just sleep here and take my stuff over until the whole bed is complete.

I'm so excited to be moving out. I just don't know how I'm going to decorate because the furniture she's leaving isn't quite my taste but I left most of my stuff in Ohio. I have a couple of antique dressers but I don't know if it will look too cluttered amongst her furniture. I'm used to having everything white (my mom is into Shabby Chic) although I've been decorating in the more parisian style. I just want it to be comfortable, peaceful and magical - it will be a work in progress.

Went to the Japanese Obon Festival yesterday and had a really good time. Got to hear the Taiko drums and I loved watching the Obon dance. My mom joined in but I didn't know any of the steps so just watched. Maybe next year after I learn them all. When I was a little girl I danced a couple of times but that was a long time ago. It's weird when I was young and going to the festivals - my brother and I were the only half breeds now most all the children are half and half. I must say it was a crowd of very beautiful people. Everyone commented that my grandfather should be there but of course he died a few years back. But he was very prominent in the Japanese society. He was a Kendo Sensei as well as world champion. He was the very best and there has been no one else like him. He was famous and had many huge award ceremonies in his honor here and in Japan. There were a few after he died as well. He was also a master of Japanese calligraphy and wrote most everything you see in Santa Barbara (that's in Japanese of course). All the old ladies miss him because he was very helpful and good to talk to. It was sad.

Talked to my Mr. Wonderful a couple of times yesterday as well. I tell ya everyday I just feel more and more drawn to him. It's inevitable that sometime during our conversation we get extremely turned on. And I can almost feel our bodies touching. It's such a pleasurable/torturous feeling.

Well I'm going to get going. A friend is coming to visit and should be here in an hour so I should get ready.

2003-07-13 || 10:10 a.m.


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