I miss talking to my Mr. Wonderful. Now that he moved he doesn't have a computer so we can't IM each other anymore :( At least we still get to talk on the phone but that can get pricey. I miss reading his entries and the little notes he'd leave me.


Randy called and left a message - shit. I was hoping that he'd just forget about me since I haven't spoken to him in like a month I think. He wants to see me - yea so he can try and get me in bed again (not meaning that I have already slept with him - he tried to get me to last time but I turned him down). I feel bad for not returning his emails or calls but I just don't know what to say to him.

I'm still talking to SAM but he is still such a control freak. He reminds me so much of DR. The guy that I was involved with for 5 destructive years. Great sex but horrible relationship. He was constantly trying to control everything and it drove me crazy. He hated the way I dressed, smoked, talked (with either sex) - anything you can think of he had something negative to say. SAM is the same way but not as negative and no where near as good in bed. But he makes comments on the way I dress and smoke and who I'm talking to blah blah blah. But I don't care cuz I'm not his and he's not mine and that's the way it should be. I think he wants to have a more "serious" relationship than friendship but why? He's moving soon hopefully at least he keeps saying that. But we are so incompatible that why would he. He probably thinks he can change me. Yea right. I think he needs to get back together with his girlfriend (they aren't technically broken up - she moved across country and thinks he will be following) she's been with him for 6 years and if she can stand being controlled like that then more power to them. All this guy thinks about is having kids - then go have them with your woman. Enough of him.

Well it's getting time for me to go home Yay! So now I'll just patiently wait for my baby to call.

2003-07-02 || 4:29 p.m.


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