killing time
Well thank god I finally heard back from WF. I've been worried about him. I would never know if anything happens to him. Since no one knows I exist. So he sent an email and he sounds better. My thoughts are always with you sweetie and I'm always wishing the best for you...

So my mom keeps asking me if I'm going to move to Carol's. I just tell her that I don't know but I really want to.

SAM called me 3 times yesterday. He worked until 10:30pm or so. It was cute he called before he left work and said he'd talk to me today but then around 11:30pm he called but I was asleep but the phone woke me up so I called him back and he said that he just wanted to say hey. Then asked if I could come up soon. He thought today or tomorrow but he just called and said that he is busy again so will probably have to work late again. So I'm thinking tomorrow. Hopefully he won't have a shit load of work. He works for Cisco doing software developing and they piled a bunch of work on him and you know how he stresses. I told him to calm down but he won't listen.

I heard from Gary today. I figured he was mad at me cuz his last email said that he'll leave me alone (because of the whole let's have sex thing that I wouldn't go for). He wants to do something this weekend but I have to give SAM first priority.

I haven't really spoken to Randy lately. He sent an email asking me to write when I can but I'm sure he feels neglected.

Well I better get going - even though I've finished all my work for the day - maybe I'll go play some games :) or write some emails.

Love ya

2003-06-17 || 1:29 p.m.


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