here we go again
Well nothing too interesting to report.

JG's wife wrote me disguised as JG but I knew it wasn't him and when I talked to him I read it to him and asked if he wrote it. He said hell no and we laughed because she wrote that he's going to leave her and shit. So I told him that I'm going to write "him" back. So I wrote all these nice things about her and told him to straighten up and shit. He called me the next day to say that he doesn't know what I wrote but I just got OJ to confess to the murders. He said she confessed everything and she says she doesn't have a problem with us (for now anyways). So we giggled about that. He said too bad we weren't having an affair because we would have just gotten away with it.

I hung out with Gary last week and had fun but then he ruined it by asking me if we could be more than friends. I said I wasn't ready for a relationship so he asked if we could just have a sexual relationship. I said no that I'm not into that and he asked if we could try it. I haven't talked to him since. I just wanted someone to hang with - without all the sex, relationship bullshit and now he blew it.

Went out with Randy. We went to dinner at a friend's restaurant at the harbor. It was nice but then on the way home he asked if we could get a hotel. I said I wasn't ready yet and he kept asking. He apologized for it the next day but still. Why can't anyone take it slow anymore?

But here I go contradicting myself because SAM came home early (Friday) so that he could spend the weekend with me. So he came over Friday night and we stayed up until 5:30am and we did have sex. I told myself before he even came over that I would not have sex with him that night. But shit - my hormones are raging and something about him turns me on.

He left around 6:30am and I slept until around noon and then went shopping for my friend's children's birthday party (3 boys). I told SAM I was too tired to hang out Sat. but Sun. would be ok.

Went to my friend's for the b-day party and then went to visit my brother. SAM called and so I headed to Santa Barbara. We ended up having sex again and I left around 8:30pm. He wants me to come up sometime this week but I don't know when.

Here is the rub. He is probably going to be moving in a couple of months. Either to the East Coast or San Jose or Austin. So I can't get too attached. But why is that? Out of the 6 or 7 guys I dated he's the one I was most attracted to and also the one that isn't staying. So I guess my search continues...So I'll look at this as free sex for the next couple of months.

So I'm at work and not working...:) Better go.

2003-06-09 || 11:30 a.m.


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