Well hello folks - I have had the flu from hell and am finally feeling better.

Nothing interesting to report.

My friend JG and I are still talking but his wife found out and is throwing a huge fit. She wrote me these nasty emails but said she isn't mad at me at all and still cares about me but just doesn't understand why JG is so in love with me, etc. You know I'm sorry that JG has feelings for me but I'm 35 and old enough to pick my friends. She's not going to tell me who I can and can't speak to. Shit he lives in NYC and I live in Ventura - I hardly think anything is going to happen between us. So I just got tired of fighting and haven't written her back yet. There is no easy solution but she needs to quit reading his e-mail. I'm going to call him tonight and see how things are going.

JB told me this weekend that he's not moving here. I pretty much knew that already since he has just begun to get to know his daughter. He says he can't leave now and is super depressed about it. I told him that he could still come visit so we'll see about that.

Went shopping in Santa Barbara on Saturday. After being in bed for a week I was ready for some shopping. I love SB. It is one of the prettiest cities in the States. A beautiful drive along the coast with the mountains on your right. Very peaceful drive. It's funny - you go the opposite direction towards LA and it's just the opposite - stressful drive. Went to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and Borders. Borders had this band playing out front who reminded me so much of the Gypsy Kings. I think I'll buy their cd next time I'm there. Went all up and down State Street. Had lunch/dinner and then went home around 6pm.

Randy is back from Japan. I didn't write him much while he was gone since I was sick. He's coming down on Wed. and we're going to dinner.

Steve (aka SAM) is gone until Sun. but he says as soon as he lands he wants to see me. We got high together the night before I got sick. I was supposed to see him the next day but I couldn't and he thought it was him so I had to convince him that it was only because I was sick.

Well I am at work but don't want to work so am writing in my diary instead. But it's almost time to go so I'm going to get my things together and get the hell out of here.

2003-06-02 || 4:30 p.m.


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