So I went out with Lars tonight. Very nice man but not for me. He's 50 but very young at heart. He has travelled the whole world and had some interesting stories but once again I'm not physically attracted to him.

I'm going out with Gary tomorrow night to see a movie. I've already been out with him once. Another super nice guy that I'm not attracted to. He writes reviews for video games so he got to go to the E3 in LA this week. Lucky guy. I told him to take notes for me.

This one guy has been writing me - he lives in Santa Barbara. He thinks that I'm the perfect girl for him. The fact that I love video games, smoke herb, love sex, thinks I'm "super cute" with a nice "bod", "solid personality" but he's in his 20s. Although that can be a good thing. He wants to meet this weekend.

WF wrote back and he is just a sweetie pie. So witty and with it. I wish that women (especially one in particular) would not hurt him. I want to be his defender but I guess that would be hard being on the other side of the continent. Well I could wish harmful thoughts upon her/them. He has such a vulnerable heart which just makes him all the more beautiful. It would be really awesome to someday meet him.

Well Randy left for Japan this morning. Last night he...took care of himself on the phone with me. That was pretty cool. Turned me all on. He was all embarrassed afterwards and kept saying he can't believe he just did that and how is he going to be able to look me in the eyes. I told him not to worry about it and that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. He really got into it. It was cool.

But hey I still haven't had sex in almost a month but I'm hanging in there.

2003-05-22 || 9:18 p.m.


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