ghost hunting
On Friday night 5 of us girls went on a ghost hunt for fun. There are a few haunted areas in this little town near here.

First we went to the Orange Festival. There were tons of food vendors and a nice band. So we walked around there a bit and then head deep into no man's land.

We went to this old cemetary that is reportedly haunted. Another girl and I brought our cameras and just started shooting. It was weird we got a bunch of pics with these glowing orbs in them. Some so bright they illuminated the objects around them. I'd then take a picture of the exact spot 2 seconds later and either the orb would move or disappear. I could take pics of them following someone. We also started taking shots of the orange orchards around there and there were a few there too. The whole time we were at the cemetary, I got a creepier feeling from the orchards.

Then we went to the Hanging Tree and when I took the first photo there - at least 14 of the orbs are floating around and then in the very next one they are gone. So I wait a bit and then snap another one and there are about 4 in that one.

It was weird it felt like I would catch them unawares and then scare them off but they always came back. And they each have a uniqueness about them but I could start distinguising the same ones. There was this big whtie one that hung around most of the night and this small bright green one. Then a little yellow one. Then the random ones that may or may not have made another appearance.

Of course I have a bunch of shots with nothing in them. Just the picture itself.

After that we went to this historical inn built in the 1800's. It's usually featured in those ghost stories they have on Discovery. So I take a picture of the outside and it doesn't look like anything is there so I take a couple more and we leave. After I download the pics, I can clearly see 3 orbs and a questionable 4th. If I had known that I would have taken more shots. Oh well we can always go back.

So who knows what I got pictures of. It's not water, dust or reflective item because when I thought it might be something reflective in the distance I would have one of the girls shine a flashlight in that direction and sometimes it did turn out to be a reflector in the distance. But there were a bunch that there was nothing but the object and air.

Met with Gil last night. He was in town for family stuff. He was going to go to Borders and study for his BAR exam but he was too tired and just wanted to hang out with me for a bit. So we sat and talked and then made out. He got me all hot and bothered. I'm attracted to him physically but mentally I am not. Why can't I find the one that I like physically and mentally? I don't think I'm being too picky. Sex means a lot to me and if I'm not attracted to them then there isn't any hope. Gil turns me on but he is a little over confident. Not stuck up but a tad arrogant. Just enough not to completely turn me off.

I've been talking to Randy through email and I like him. I'm a little concerned that he's not the type to expressing his emotions. But it's still early so we'll see. So I can't wait for him to get back from Japan so that we can go out again.

Get this...I go to my brother's group therapy meeting and when I get there the other guys in his group tell me that they want to date me. My brother told them no. But some of the guys kept staring at me with this dreamy look in their eyes.

I'm going to visit my brother in half an hour. I'm bringing him and the guys In and Out burgers for lunch.

Well I better get going.

2003-05-18 || 9:57 a.m.


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