-two new guys

for the last month I've been meeting guys. Just trying to see what's out there. I've gone on a few dates and the guys were great. Intelligent, wealthy, funny, caring, easy going, etc. but I haven't been attracted to any of the sexually.

So I had this date to meet this Japanese guy last night that I made last week. In the meantime I was contacted by this one guy who was good looking and funny. So yesterday he called me and I told him that I had a date and that I would be in LA. So he tells me that he's going to drive to where I'm at and wait for me because he hates that this other guy gets to date me first.

So I'm thinking that my date with the Japanese guy won't be all that. But he turns out to be very cool and funny and all that shit I like. So I stayed longer than I had anticipated. In the meantime Gil is calling me and wondering where I'm at. He gets ready to go home thinking I flaked on him but after saying goodnight to Randy he calls again and I talk to him and he's like 5 min. away. So he gets there and walks up to me and just kisses me. He's a good kisser and he is so funny. So I sit with him for an hour or so and we talk and kiss. He was really sweet- on my way to my date with Randy he talked to me the whole way there and at one point I got lost and he's stuck in traffic and looking at a map for me and telling me where to go. On the way home he talked to me too. So I ended up meeting two neat guys last night. Gil wants me to go to Big Bear with him for a weekend and Randy is taking me to this cool place called the Magic Castle when he gets back from Japan. So I'm going to see them both until I figure out which one I like more. Right now I think Randy would be better for me but Gil is so sweet and funny.

And the great thing about last night is that I didn't think about SS at all. Who by the way has holed himself up in his room and won't talk to anyone. He asked if I would help him find a therapist when his insurance kicks in and I told him I would but I haven't heard from him in over a week so don't know if he still wants my help. I check on him here and there to make sure he's ok and he says he'll call but never does. So I'm just going to leave him alone until he wants my help.

Gil is supposed to come up on Saturday. Funny thing is they both live about 2 hours away in the same area.

I was telling the girls at work about my dating adventures and we were laughing so hard - you know the kind of laugh where you can't breath and you feel like you are going to piss your pants and you get all flushed and hot. I would try and tell it here but I don't think it would be as funny translated into text.

Oh I should post a pic of Gil.

So there he is...

2003-05-14 || 8:21 p.m.


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