disney bound
So I'm off to Disneyland tommorrow for the weekend. I haven't been there in over 10 years. It's supposed to rain but I don't care - it will be less crowded then. We rented a two room suite but everyone is backing out because of the rain - so now it's going to be just 2 of us. At least we get a room a piece.

Saw SS last night. He is now considering the fact that he may need to go on some anti-depressant meds. Normally I don't think that is always the solution but he may benefit. He's a classic case. I hope he does and I'd like to see how he's doing in a few months.

Well I've got to get going. Did I mention that my brother is in an awesome rehab program. They have the best success rate in the county. Tonight is family discussion night. All the families and addicts talk about their experiences and such. It's pretty interesting. I hope it works for him because he is such a sweet guy and so smart. It's strange but a lot of the guys in there are very intelligent...the smarter they are the harder the drugs...

Well I'll say hi to Mickey for you...and for some of you I'll kick him in the shins :)

2003-05-02 || 4:01 p.m.


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