So you may have noticed - I spruced things up a bit. I found this website - there's a link - and she had some neat stuff so I thought I'd try it out. I hope I didn't mess anything up but I guess time will tell.

So after I was done messing with all the HTML stuff, I was having a look around to see what button did what. I noticed that a few people had me on their list so I took a look at their diaries - one of them has the same design as me. I laughed at that. She's probably going to think that I copied her but I swear I didn't. I even left her a note stating so. But I think it's funny that we both chose the same design. I wasn't able to read her diary though - she's having technical problems...I'll keep checking back.

So of course SS didn't call back. I had a feeling he wouldn't - not after taking Soma. I wonder if he'll call tonight. I'm not holding my breath. I swear I have never been involved with someone so screwed up mentally. It's like the men in my life just keep getting worse and worse...

Please someone do some voodoo for me :)

2003-04-29 || 7:24 p.m.


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