Well my birthday was fun. I got to see someone that I haven't seen in almost 10 years. I was very happy to see him. He is so cute and funny. I received a lot of gifts and some wonderful cards.

On the romance end - I'm about ready to give up on this guy. The guy is extremely depressed and doesn't know how to handle it. What is it with Pisces and depression? I can handle depression but not when he doesn't want to do anything about it. He has such a negative attitude about everything. He says he doesn't know if it's the new baby and the fact that he doesn't live with the mother. He doesn't want to live with the mother and said he had panic attacks living there. He sees the baby everyday and on the weekends he has her all day. He pretty much has given up his own life for the baby and now he's depressed about it but won't find any solutions. So he proceeds to tell me that he doesn't have emotions for anything in his life. So of course that includes me. I obviously can't make him happy and he won't even let me try. He is so guarded. I really can't take it anymore and am going to say something to him soon. I've never met anyone so emotionally dead and he doesn't even seem to care. I'm so angry with his attitude that I want to really lay into him because I feel like he's just sucking me into this. He doesn't want me but he doesn't want to give me up either. I asked him last night if he wants me to just leave him alone and he said not at all so I don't know what to do. He can't seem to find anything to be happy about.

Well I've vented enough for now.

Where is my Mr. Perfectly Beautiful??

2003-04-03 || 11:51 a.m.


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