Well it's been a while since I've written.

I just got back from California. It was good being home again. I'm sad to come back. I miss my parents. I'm going back in September. This time I'm driving. I've always wanted to drive across the country. That way I can take Goku (my dog) too.

My slumber party is coming up in a week and a half. We're going to Hibachi Japan first. They don't take reservations on Saturdays so we're going to have to wait around for a long time, especially because there are going to be at least 13 of us, so they'll have to clear a few tables/grills. Then we're going to C.P.'s for the party. My mom bought me some pajamas and a kimono and slippers to match.

I bought S.F. a kimono for her birthday which was a couple of days ago. J.G. (the mother) had a birthday a week ago but we're celebrating this Thursday. I got her a Japanese plate (the ornate kind).

Went to dinner with J.B., A.R., K.P. (now K.B. since she got married) A.B., M.Z. (soon to be M.W.) and J.L. last night. Something is wrong with K.B. but I don't know what yet. She called while I was gone because she needed to talk to someone but J.B. didn't think to give her my cell number or my parent's number. He apologized for that but it was an honest misjudgement. She looked really sad last night but none of the other girls knows what's going on.

J.G. (my best friend) is no longer speaking to me. His wife found an e-mail he had written and she called me and I was honest with her which made J.G. look bad so he hasn't spoken to me since so I think he's mad at me.

My parents have a broadband connection and I picked out a new computer for them since their old one broke. I'm so envious - they got the new Sony Vaoi with the thin flat LCD monitor. So I downloaded like 60 songs from Travis alone and then burned them. Burned some Opera and a bunch of Misora Hibari songs for my mom. It's her favorite singer so I burned copies for myself too.

I always think of M.B. when I listen to Travis, I'm not sure why maybe the lyrics remind me of him. Their essense feels like him. I wish he'd write me to let me know how he's doing. I miss him and hope that he is safe and happy.

My parents bought me a digital camera for my birthday. It's really nice. Takes great pixs. It has macro so I'm excited about that. I've been using that "lens" the most. I took a picture of my mom's rose and it looks totally fake. Like I digitally enhanced it. The color is so bright and so perfect. It's wild.

The cats still hate the dog. Buki is the only one that kind of plays with him and Chibi tolerates him but Kuma and Tigger (especially Tigger) hiss and growl at her anytime they see her. I don't think Tigger will ever come around but I think the other 3 will maybe a year from now or so.

I had to have my 2D ekg. That was wild. She did the ultrasound and I could watch. I found it disturbing watching my own heart bounce around like that. Watching valves open and close. Mine looked like they weren't doing their job very well. And the sound was the worst of all. I don't need to hear my blood swishing around like that. It makes a myriad of disturbing sounds. I hope everything is ok or just a little wrong. Maybe all the heartbreak in my life has finally caught up with me.

Did I tell you that I finally have cable again. So now all I do is watch TV when I get a chance. I still see that there's a lot a crap out there but all I really want it for is Dragon Ball, DBZ and a couple other anime shows. I still love the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle. The Bernie Mac show is hilarious. The Osbournes is great too. I really like My Wife and Kids too. Damon always makes me laugh.

I've been doing that HSX thing. Of course I'm losing money cuz I buy stocks in guys no one really knows about. Jude Law, Christian Bale and in music Travis and Ani. But I did buy options for the Oscars and I made money there. I bought shares in Denzel winning Best Actor because I thought he did an awesome job. I haven't seen A Beautiful Mind yet but I'm sure Russell Crowe did an awesome job too. I was just partial to Denzel because his character was so powerful and he did such a great job.

Oh well I better get going.

2002-03-27 || 9:57 a.m.


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