For awhile I've been watching W.S. do his thing. He does some pretty cool stuff.

Anyway I haven't been on-line very much because I have a puppy now and I want to spend all my free time with her. She's a really cute dog and really well behaved. She's around 2 going on 3 months

So, last night I got on for the first time in a while and right away W.S. IMs me. We talk and he asks if I miss him, when he can see me, if we can have sex again...He asks me what time I had to go in to work today, I told him noon. So he said he'd be over at 9am. I really didn't think that he'd show but he was here 9am on the dot. I was nervous that J.B. would come home and find us but today I got lucky in more than one way. He told me that he'd be on-line tonight if I wanted to talk to him.

Work is a little annoying right now. The boss decided to make a 4 page "new rules for the pharmacy". So he's sucking the joy out of work. And one of the girls L.G. has been such a bitch the last month that I can't stand to be around her. She pisses everyone off but I'm the only one that can't hide my contempt.

The manager had to escort me out the back door when I went home because this one stalker I have (psycho Sid) was searching for me tonight. He's been talking about me to the girls up front and he told them that he doesn't care if I have 2 or 3 boyfriends, that I was special to him and he wants me. Then he was caught at work making a knife on the job. His boss told him he couldn't do that and Sid threatened him with the knife. He doesn't work there anymore. But the guy is creepy and he's up to something. My car doesn't lock and he knows which one is mine so now when I leave at night I have to have someone escort me. Since Sid was in the store, B.T. snuck me out the back.

I'm going home (California) to visit next month. I'm excited but nervous about flying. I leave from here, have to change planes in Chicago and then again in Los Angeles then I fly to my town. There are no direct flights from the East Coast. I wonder why...911

My friend J.G. (the sister) came home for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. I felt special because I was the only one that got to hang out with her. She didn't want to go out with A.R. or C.T. or the rest of the gang. She wanted to hang out with me at my place. So we watched the 4th season of "Ab Fab" that I got on DVD. We laughed our asses off. She made me this delicious drink, with alcohol. We smoked a lot too.

Her brother came down last weekend and hung out with me on Saturday. He brought the new DBZ tapes. Man it's getting intense. And a lot of sad parts since people are dying.

Well I better get going.

Oh yea. I will finally have cable tomorrow. It's been over a year since I've watched TV. This is going to be strange. I'll probably watch it for days straight in amazement. I don't know what's on anymore or what time. It's going to be an adventure with the remote.

2002-02-21 || 11:02 p.m.


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