the w.s. syndrome

So this is strange. I'm on the computer minding my own business and who should IM me (I'm sure you've guessed from the title). W.S.

He wanted to know if I still think about him. And how he can't stop thinking about me. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. He says I make him rethink everything, the girlfriend, the moving, etc. He told me that I have the warmest, tightest, best pussy ever. I was very flattered. Wait until J.G. hears this. He already thinks my vagina must be lined with gold the way men react to me. He told me that he wants to do it again. He wants to have more time. He wants to come on my stomach or face. He wants anal. He wanted me to come over tonight but I've been sick all weekend. Throwing up and bad, bad headache. So he put himself on webcam and let me watch him cum.

So we'll see what happens. Since he's a man he'll probably run away scared so I'm certainly not expecting to hear from him again.

So R.N. wasn't lying when he said that W.S. can't talk to me because he can't resist me.

Why does this happen to me? The only other guy that I'd consider a relationship with and who wants me just as bad but doesn't want to hurt the girl he's with, yet already has fantasies about "us".

Lord please make up your mind. Who is the man I'm meant to be with? Please let him be known someday before I'm old and useless.

2002-01-28 || 4:00 a.m.


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