goodbye j.g.

So we took J.G. out tonight. I'm sad and am going to really miss her.

We all met at my place. T.B., A.?, C.T., R.K., J.G., A.R., S.F., J.L. and C.?. We went to the Old Jail because Oscar's was carding at the door. We laughed our asses off tonight. But it was all so bittersweet. We ended up at Digger's so they could dance. Many men will have interesting fantasies this evening. J.G. finally told me she loved me (not like that!). So I finally feel accepted by her. C.T. and I plan to go visit her soon.

Oh yea I forgot to write this the other night. No great big deal but the other night, the 16th to be exact, someone downloaded The Fear from me. No one has ever wanted that one. So I was going to log off but I saw that and decided to wait until they were done. I figured they have good taste in music so didn't want to interrupt their connection. Tonight I had 3 people at the same time downloading Telephone Line by ELO, what's up with that? When did that become the big "have to have" song. I love the song myself but didn't think it was that popular.

Well I'm getting sleepy, so I'm going to throw in a DVD and fall asleep.

Goodbye J.R.G. I love you and am going to miss you more than you'll ever know. You always made me laugh and I always enjoyed your company. You're a great person and thanks for everything.

2002-01-19 || 3:12 a.m.


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