more heartache

So I'm sad once again. My friend J.G. (best friend's sister) is moving to Pitts. on Saturday. So I'm organizing a group to go bar hopping with, with J.G. of course. Some people have invited themselves but nothing I can do about that now. J.G. is afraid for the two of us to be out together because we get eachother into trouble. We're too much alike yet so different. She made the comment today that she's turning into her brother. She follows me around the store talking, doesn't want to talk to anyone else but me. She was laughing so hard. I'm going to miss her so much.

She said she'd come back for my pajama party. She says she already got a new pair for the occassion. Her brother wants to come too so he can try and steal my wives. He's always threatening me that he's going to steal them from me.

A guy from work gave me this beautiful bookcase. It's got a vine carved through the sides. It's huge. He delivered after work today. Now all my books can be off the floor. It needs some moulding on the edges of the shelves but I might add ivy or flowers instead.

I keep having these dreams about M.B. Almost everynight. How torturous is that? I had this one where he was visiting and I was waiting to see him. I saw him pull up but he never came in. So I asked someone and everyone was all hush hush about it until someone broke down and told me that he had this new girlfriend named Gretchen and that he was so in love with her that he was going to spend every waking moment with her so wouldn't be able to see us. I was so crushed.

Or I dream we're hanging out or just talking. Most times I try and forget them because it hurts too much. I still miss him.

2002-01-16 || 11:38 p.m.


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