back to earth

Let's see nothing spectacular to report.

Friday went to dinner with R.K. Saturday partied with my girls. Sunday sat around and watched movies, hung out with C.T. and J.B.

My new favorite song is The Fear by Travis.

And I know what I'm going to be for halloween this year since I'm getting married to C.T. and I was supposed to be a fairy anyway. So I'm going to be the Green Fairy and carry around a bottle of absinthe bearing the same name. I found a place I can buy it. I read the laws about it and found that even though it is illegal it is illegal as a food and not a drug. So it can't be bought for commercial reasons. I can purchase it for myself but I'm not allowed to serve it to anyone. So technically they won't know unless someone gets sick and has to go to the hospital and they tell on me. If you drink a glass a day then by 30 days you start having the seizures and hallucinations. So 1 glass will not cause hallucinations. It's said that you'd probably die of alcohol poisoning before you could absorb enough of the wormwood to cause hallucinations. But after chronic use the drug cumulates and messes with you. So I'm not going to do that. I'll just taste it. But I need to find the slotted spoon for the sugar. I have time. Knock on wood.

My opinion is that Belgium makes the best chocolate. If I ever make it to Europe I'm definitely stopping in Belgium for chocolate.

Oh yea and a friend of mine was telling me that this guy Donny Mortimer or something like that is interested in me. I don't know him but have heard many nice things about him. I've not heard one bad thing about him. But my luck is so crappy that I'm not even holding my breath over any guy. Another friend informed me that Anthony has a crush on me and this guy Jim, who has blue hair with purple tips and you know how I like a man with color. But I think he is a player so am not interested. But for now I'm not interested in anyone. I'm done getting my heart broken for now. It's going to take someone really special to get me to think about giving my heart out.

I've got my cigarettes, my pot, my cats, my great friends, my sense of humor, my imagination, my bird, my free spirit and everything else. Knock on Wood!!! The only thing I lack is love. That which I have spent my entire life searching for. The only thing that I have ever cared about. Love has been my god for so long it's hard to turn away from it.

2002-01-14 || 1:15 p.m.


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