meteors or lack thereof

M.B. came by around 12:30am last night. We went to this funeral home and in the back is this big field with no lights so that we could watch the meteor shower. Unfortunately there were only about 5 or 6 that I saw and less for him. I was ripped off. But at least I got to lay next the Mr. Perfectly Beautiful. We stayed until almost 3am. On the way back he asked if it would be ok if he just stayed the night here. Duh. I said of course if he thinks he'll be safe from me. I was kidding of course. So we slept in the same bed last night. It was nice. Got up and went to work this morning. He's supposed to come by after his thing tonight to watch DB.

At work today I wished that we'd lose electricity so that we could close. The other day I wished that the phone lines would be cut and they were. But we didn't lose electricity, we had a little flood. So we closed for a little bit. M.B. says to be careful what I wish for because I get it. So I said "My wish is that M.B. has sex with me." He laughed. I said that I was going to ask everyone to wish for the same thing. Now he doesn't have a choice. That it's in fates hands now so he should lie back and get ready. I doubt if we ever will but it's fun to tease him.

Get this my friend K.P. says that her "boyfriend" wants to have a threesome with me and her. She said that he went on and on about it. How I'm so hot and all this. That's the 4th guy that has asked me that in the past 2 years. Of course the girls are all my friends so that's not cool. So K.P. wants to fuck with him and tell him that I'm considering it, just so he gets all happy and then we're going to make him think that we will but we won't. He needs to be punished a little.

At work today one of the girls that I work with asked me if I was single because there were these two guys hanging around asking questions about me and asked her to put in a good word for them. I guess they are real pigs.

Haven't talked to the "absentee boyfriend" today. He's working until close and then he'll call or come by, as has been the case lately.

While we were watching the stars last night, M.B. said that he likes the way I talk. I asked him if he means the way I put words together or the way I say them. He said the way I say them but sometimes the way I put them together. So that was cool. What am I going to do about him? Let him go or give it a go? I guess it's really up to him.

2001-08-14 || 5:09 p.m.


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