When I got home yesterday my bird had ripped off his collar. He then proceeded to shit on it a million times. So I give up. He hasn't ripped the stitches out yet thank God. He didn't talk to me at all yesterday. Today he is acknowledging me a little.

M.B. came by last night. We dyed his hair blue. I like it. I used some of his dye on my hair. Then we watched Dragan Ball. He's never seen it and I'm obsessed with it so he wanted to see it. So I started from the beginning. I didn't want to just throw him straight into Dragon Ball Z. The new episodes are going to be airing soon so I have to get my cable back before then but I won't have the money I'm sure.

He took his shirt off when we rinsed his hair so I ogled him. At one point as we were watching Dragon Ball he was sitting on the couch and he had the pillow across his lap to hide his fat (he thinks he's fat but he's not at all) and if I looked at him just right it looked like he was naked and the pillow was covering his privates. So I was getting turned on and just wanted to jump on top of him. Damn I wish he'd just let me at him.

He might come over tonight. He's picking up his best friend from the airport tonight. His been in Germany most of the summer. So I doubt if he'll really come over. He should hang out with his friend tonight. The only thing that sucks is that I probably won't see him much anymore because he'll want to spend time with him before he goes to school.

I'm still trying to get a hold of some smoke. One guy is looking for me now. But again with my luck he won't be able to get any. Everyone is having a hard time finding it. There was a bust recently so it's a little dry.

2001-08-09 || 6:05 p.m.


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