I need some luck here

My crush is coming over tonight - Yeah!!! We worked all day together which was nice. One of the ladies that works with us, C.W. but in a different section says that he seems much happier since we've (M.B. and I) have been hanging out. And she said he's really happy when we're working together. She's pulling for me to get him. She thinks we should be a couple but that's hard when he's leaving and he's not interested like that anyway.

My best friend J.G. came in to see me today. He's here visiting for the weekend. Of course his wife is very threatened by me and has a heart attack if he wants to visit me. So anymore we have to sneak just to see each other. We're not even doing any thing wrong. So he's supposed to call soon but I'm on the computer so he won't be able to get through.

He is pulling for me too.

I hope that I get to kiss him tonight. I love feeling his lips on mine. Wish me luck.

2001-07-21 || 6:20 p.m.


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