Mr. Perfectly Beautiful

My crush M.B. came over last night at around 10pm and left today at noon. We had fun as usual. We didn't kiss but we snuggled and touched a lot. We complimented each other all night. He told me that he likes my lips, thinks I'm sumptuous, have an awesome body, am beautiful, have soft skin, likes my nose, likes the contours of my face, etc. I was surprised to find out that he even notices me like that.

We hatched a plan last night that will be fun. Some background info first. We work with this girl that hates me. She is having a secret relationship with the boss. A few of us know but they don't know we know. So my friend C.T. is having her birthday party at some club and they will be there. Well for weeks M.B. and I have been thinking of ways to fuck with them that night. We're going to keep coming over and talking to them but about really boring subjects that make no sense. Then we'll leave and come back just when they look cozy, sometimes we'll stop and talk other times just keep walking by. My friend K.P. is going to flirt and dance with the sisters' guys since they don't like her anyways. So last night or early this morning we decided that the two of us are going to be all flirty with each other and then eventually just start kissing. We're going to pretend that it's our first time kissing. This is going to freak them out because they don't expect it. They all know he's gay and won't see it coming. They'll probably be mad because their news (when they finally decide to tell everyone) won't seem so exciting. M.B. says they think their relationship is scandalous, wait until we top them. They'll either be mad or relieved. Mad because they didn't see it or relieved because we took the attention away from them. Either way it should be fun just to see their reactions. Even if we don't do any of it, it was sure fun plotting it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

M.B. is still coming over tomorrow night to watch our favorite comedy together. I don't want to say that anything will happen because I'm such a chicken shit and things usually go wrong for me. So I'll try not to think about that. Yea right.

I asked him why he never slept with this one girl he always hangs out with. He said that when they were younger she wasn't ready and now he just doesn't want to sleep with her. He says that she'll be mad if we hang out Sunday too. He says he likes spending time with me better than spending time with her but he can't tell her that. So who knows if I'll see him Sunday. That's ok I have Saturday.

I haven't heard from the absentee boyfriend today. He'll probably wait until he gets off work tonight.

So I slept from 1pm to 6pm today. Hopefully I can still sleep tonight because I have to work tomorrow morning. And then hopefully we'll have an all-nighter again.

2001-07-20 || 7:14 p.m.


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