back-stabbing and gossip
Nothing exciting to report. My absentee boyfriend came by yesterday and today. Same old shit. He's starting to annoy me now.

I've been listening to the Cure's Disintegration and have been disintegrating right along with it. I love that cd. It is such a desperately, haunting album. I think "Untitled" is my favorite.

I work all day with my crush tomorrow. I love working with him but at the same time it's difficult. Especially when he stands so close that I can smell him. I'll just want to ravage him. I usually try to almost ignore him but I don't want him to think that I'm upset with him or being weird. Like the line in one of my favorite Ani songs "Hell Yeah"..."because I like you, I like you so much I talk to everyone but you..." When we're alone it's different. Yes I'm nervous but I can speak more openly. When I'm at work I can't be too obvious.

My one girlfriend K.P. is mad at me for some absurd reason She's mad at me and C.T. because neither one of us offered to pick her up and take her to the fireworks on Saturday. K.P.'s car was impounded last week because she has been driving with a suspended license because she hasn't been paying her court ordered car insurance. First of all we didn't know she wanted to go with us, she never mentioned it at all. She didn't even hint that she wanted to go.

There is this one girl that works with us, M.Z. and no one likes her except maybe 2 out of like 17 co-workers. But she takes my disapproval of her more personal and has been trying to sabotage my life. So she loves it if someone else is upset with me and tries to get information out of them about me. She already tried to mess with JG. and I. It's all very stupid and embarrassing. So M.Z has been giving K.P. rides to and from work. I'm sure K.P. is unloading all the goods on her. You just can't trust anyone anymore.

So here's to back-stabbing and gossip.

2001-07-09 || 9:27 p.m.


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