shot nerves

So tonight is the night that M.B. is coming over to make ice cream. I don't think the evening will turn out well because he seemed a little hesitant when he called earlier. So with my awesome bad luck he won't want to spend the evening with me.

I talked to my best friend J.G. last night. He fully encourages me in my pursuit of M.B. He says that if any woman can do it I can. He says he can see the whole thing in his mind. He is always in my corner. I love him. He has more faith in me than I do. All I picture is a disaster. All I see is me going to kiss him and him rejecting me or not being turned on. He says that I can always fall back on the fact that he's gay.

So I'm praying that tonight we have fun like usual.

2001-07-07 || 4:47 p.m.


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