So M.B. came by last night and we had another one of our all night laugh fests. He left at noon today. He's supposed to come by later today so that we can make green tea ice cream.

So this time we didn't kiss but there was a lot of touching. I think he would have let me kiss him because he wasn't as nervous this time and seemed a little bolder. He played with my hair a lot. Our fingers kept dancing together. It was very sensual. We didn't touch the obvious sexual parts. Just hands, arms, legs and hair. Our hands would seek each other out. Just holding his hand felt so sexy. Of course it turned me on. If he comes by again today or tonight I'm going to kiss him (yea if I can get up the nerve).

I'm so tired from lack of sleep and I have to work tomorrow so can not stay up all night again.

It's now 7:49pm and I've talked to M.B. and he is too tired to go anywhere plus it's his dad's birthday so he should be with him.

I talked to the absentee boyfriend. He just got off work and called to tell me that he was thinking about me and loves me. So of course I feel guilty for having this attraction to M.B.

Going to the fireworks later with C.T. Then coming home and going to sleep.

2001-07-04 || 6:37 p.m.


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