My "boyfriend" J.B. came by today for my weekly visit. Went to the movies to see A.I. He seemed like he had something on his mind but I didn't ask because everytime I ask him if he's happier, or if he's coming back, I always end up getting hurt. So if he has something unpleasant to tell me I'm certainly not going to ease him into it. He has to bring it up. So I just pretended that everything was fine.

My gay attraction M.B. has agreed to go with me to see some fireworks on Saturday which I find strange that they would hold fireworks after the 4th of July but I guess they are supposed to be so great that they want to show them after every other town has had theirs. So hopefully that means he's not too freaked out about our kiss. He may have to work that night but hopefully he can get out of there early. If not he can't go.

Went with my friend C.T. to see the fireworks last night. We watched from the cemetary. We're going to see more on Wednesday as well as Saturday. As you can see we like fireworks.

2001-07-02 || 9:44 p.m.


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